We are a leading supplier of Liquid Handling Equipment

Our line of products


We are a leading supplier of liquid handling pumps
for industrial and agriculture applications.

Flow Meters

We are a leading supplier of flow meters
for agriculture and irrigation applications.

Flow monitors & manifold systems

We are a leading supplier of flow monitors and manifold systems that are built from the ground up for consistency and dependability on the farm.


Take control of your irrigation system with
our quality valves for accurate pressure.

Spray Nozzles

We are a leading supplier of spaying nozzles in spray application and precision farming technology.

Firefighting pumps and parts

We are a leading supplier of firefighting pumps and parts for industrial, agriculture applications and farm fire fighting needs.

Line Strainers and filters

We supply line strainers and filters used on your
main water line to remove impurities.

Hoses and pipe fittings

We supply quality hose and pipe fittings for
agriculture and irrigation applications.

Chemical Handlers

We are the leading Chemical Handler supplier throughout South Africa. This Chemical Handler offers you chemical management systems that enable quick, easy, and safe mixing and loading of agricultural chemicals into sprayers.

Water & Septic Tanks

We supply water storage tanks and offer turnkey solutions for water and sanitation to treat wastewater safely.

We are a leading supplier

throughout South Africa!

We are a leading supplier of liquid Handling Products for Industrial and Agriculture Applications.

Products include Pumps, Valves, Electric Valves, Manifold Systems, Dry-Disconnects, Cam Lever Couplings, Line Strainers, IBC/Tank Accessories, Pipe Fittings and more…

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We Supply

throughout South Africa!

Combined Sales are a supplier as the main reference point in the spraying accessories field and in the precision farming area.

We offer solutions by GPS and computer monitoring systems, spraying nozzles, lids, valves, filters and much more...

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Chemical handlers

throughout South Africa!

We offer and supply HANDLERS II, III, and IV convenient sizes the Chemical Handler reduces the time that it takes to properly load and mix a sprayer.   

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Spraying Nozzles

throughout South Africa!

We supply spraying nozzles for weeding and spraying you will find fan nozzles, cone nozzles, anti-drift nozzles, flood nozzles and more...

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